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Born and raised on a family owned dairy farm in Fauquier County, along with two siblings, Amanda and Eric. Graduated Liberty High School and went to James Madison University, where I participated in Kappa Pi Honors Fraternity as well as the Marching Royal Dukes! GO DUKES! Graduated in May of 2012 with my B.F.A. in Graphic Design. I worked as a graphic designer in the D.C. area for almost a year after graduating college and then resided in Warrenton, VA to work for the Piedmont Press & Graphics as one of four graphic designers :) Currently, I am managing to balance my full time graphic design job along with my photography business! It's a hectic lifestyle, but I enjoy it!!! About my photography business: I have learned in the world of photography that it is not just about pretty photos, it is all about the EXPERIENCE the photographer gives to the client. And that is what I am out here to do! Give YOU the best experience that you will not forget! From the moment we schedule the session... to the laughs/smiles we share the day of the shoot... to the moment I hand over the package of your images... I make sure that every step of the way leaves my client smiling :)

Well, I’ll start off this blog post by saying this is not a typical day/week for my blog, but after church on Sunday I really felt like God planted this in my heart for a reason… Over the years, I’ve been referred to as the “go-getter”. What really defines a “go-getter”? The dictionary describes it […]

  • Cyndi Messick - Yes, my dear, you have learned well by example!! However, you are wiser than I have been, and have realized at a young age that you need to keep it under control. Something that’s very hard to do! I am glad that you are taking the steps you need to focus on what’s important. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you live like that.

    I once commented to someone that I was so busy, there was too much to do in the time I had. He responded that he didn’t know what that was like — it boggled my mind! But then again, when I thought about his lifestyle and where he has been in life, I realized that I’m much better off being busy! As they say, idle hands are the devil’s workshop!

    Keep at it girl, go get ’em! Embrace the chaos!! But remember balance too, when you can. It won’t ALWAYS happen, but take it all in stride and you’ll be fine. ((hugs))

Who’s excited for FALL?!?!? What a weekend!!! Even though I didn’t have a wedding to photograph, my weekend was busy attending a wedding as a guest (where I even had the opportunity to dress up in a sari <= SO much fun), enjoy a bachelorette party at the Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar (that place is […]

It has almost been a year ago since I photographed Nathan and Jaricia’s wedding day. :) Their celebration was filled with incredible handmade details ranging from metal to wood work. Everyone came together to make their special day a day to never forget! Fortunately, they were able to have their outdoor ceremony despite the rain. […]

  • Jaricia Heddings - What beautiful photos!!! Thank you Stephanie!

  • Deborah Powell - The photos are great!
    I would love to order some photos please.

This rainy morning has me feeling so at ease. Everyone in Northern VA knows that we are dealing with a drought so rain is a GOOD thing! Although, I’m ready to get back into my pjs, get cozy on the couch and read a book … I wish! ;) I finished cleaning my equipment from Saturday’s […]