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Born and raised on a family owned dairy farm in Fauquier County, along with two siblings, Amanda and Eric. Graduated Liberty High School and went to James Madison University, where I participated in Kappa Pi Honors Fraternity as well as the Marching Royal Dukes! GO DUKES! Graduated in May of 2012 with my B.F.A. in Graphic Design. I worked as a graphic designer in the D.C. area for almost a year after graduating college and then resided in Warrenton, VA to work for the Piedmont Press & Graphics as one of four graphic designers :) Currently, I am managing to balance my full time graphic design job along with my photography business! It's a hectic lifestyle, but I enjoy it!!! About my photography business: I have learned in the world of photography that it is not just about pretty photos, it is all about the EXPERIENCE the photographer gives to the client. And that is what I am out here to do! Give YOU the best experience that you will not forget! From the moment we schedule the session... to the laughs/smiles we share the day of the shoot... to the moment I hand over the package of your images... I make sure that every step of the way leaves my client smiling :)

I just want to shout out to my beautiful mother as today is her Birthday! Not just that, but last week we celebrated my grandmother’s 75th birthday while she was visiting. :) What a great way to end this month by celebrating the two beautiful women in my life! I scheduled my house warming party […]

  • CyndiM - Thank you, my dear daughter! How sweet of you to post this today! Love you, and I look forward to spending the evening with my girls!

  • Linda Hvizdo - Your family is the greatest! So blessed! I wish I lived closer so I could hang with you…missed seeing my cousins in FL a couple of weeks ago as I got sun poisaning or the flu! Love reading your posts and seeing the pics…you do beautiful work Steph! Enjoy your Mom’s birthday! God bless you all!

  • CyndiM - Linda, my family is your family too, LOL! We have great genes! ;-) Sorry to hear you were sick …

James and Natalie’s wedding day was the perfect start to the year! Everyone hears that rain is a GOOD thing to be present on a wedding day. What’s even better is when the rain comes and leaves before any wedding festivities begin. By the time I arrived at the beautiful Oatlands Historic House & Gardens in Leesburg, Virginia, the […]

  • Barton Ching - Wow what incredible photos! I love the cake toppers and the glowsticks. It looks like it was an amazing and beautiful wedding. Congratulations Natalie!

  • Natalie Martin - Just covering all my comments bases… I just noticed James had his orange glasses on for the cake cutting! OH WELL! It’s so much a part of him at this point, I guess it makes sense they appeared eventually!

    Beautiful photos, Stephanie, I’m glad we basically gave you free reign and I apologize again for the times I was shouting over you during the family portraits, haha. I can’t wait to see the full set and see all the boring grip and grin photos with my friends! :D And more glowsticks! and more EVERYTHING!!!! Yaaaaay!

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! A little rain Saturday morning was just what we needed to brighten up the flowers/grass. My sod is looking a little sad right now but we can disregard that. ;) Speaking of my house, I had some close family and friends come over yesterday to come check out my space […]

  • Ellen Messick - gorgeous flowers!

After months of anticipation, my official wedding season kicks off this Saturday with James and Natalie! It’s crazy to think that my final wedding last year was way back in November. By far the longest slow season I have had my entire career. Don’t let the words, “slow season” mislead you.  But why do I call […]