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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone!!! I hope you had a great and safe weekend. :) Let me tell you that I have a new perspective on Virginia’s “freezing temps” after visiting Chicago this past weekend! HA! I learned a lot about the city while hanging out with my friend, Stephanie! But I think we ate our way through the city… No joke. Chicago is filled with incredible, scrumptious food options! After days of enjoying pizza, hot dogs, and donuts … My body needs a BREAK! So how do I plan to cleanse my body? If you’re looking for inspiration as well, I have some things for you to try that are healthy and yummy!!

If you’re looking for Chicago travel inspiration, that blog post is coming next week!!! :)

Weekend Recap

I’m going from a diet like this on the left to a diet like this on the right (photo below)… HA! I believe in healthy eating habits, but we should not feel bad to splurge once in a while because we only live once! ;) On the contrary, we only have one body so we still need to take care of it, which is why we should reset our bodies!

Reset Your Body!

– Plenty of sleep!
– Not stressing/regretting “the splurge.”
– Flush the body with a ton of water! At leastttttt eight 8-ounces of water.
– A hot cup of Matcha green tea in the morning and at night. Tip: If you drink a hot cup of green tea at night during a time you’re craving something sweet, this will help relieve that temptation!
– Have a moment of personal time and do something that makes you happy, like reading!
– Vitamins!!! I’ve been on top of my vita-game this sick season!
– Work out and sweat out those toxins. Lately, I’ve been enjoying the elliptical while listening to a Podcast while resting/healing my runner’s knee! If you need inspiration, check out my friend, Jenny from Train 4 Life!
– Protein-packed meals like eggs, chicken breast, protein bars, and smoothies.
– Healthy snacks like carrots with guacamole and almonds!
– If the green tea at night doesn’t relieve the sweet tooth, Halo Top protein ice cream is excellent or make a tummy-filling, yummy Acai bowl with protein powder.

Weekend Recap

What can you expect on the blog this week? I’ll be diving into my thoughts, goals, and dreams for the 2018 year and I’ll also be sharing some photos of Michael and Ashley’s engagement session!!! :) Cannot wait! Look at that creamy light… AH!


Weekend Recap

Have a wonderful start to your work week!!!! <3

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