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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

It’s another episode of the “Weekend Recap!” Last week was exciting because my family and I had the opportunity to visit my brother and watch him graduate from Basic Training!!! I know Eric is SO relieved it’s officially done. I’m relieved for him and SO ready for him to come hommmmmeeeee!!!! I have a HUGE bag of Sour Patch Kids waiting for his return. ;) But I told him if the government holds him back any longer, my tummy might hold the sour patch kids hostage. HA!

This past week/weekend was another great way to start the 2018 year. :) Honestly, I’ve never had a desire to travel to St. Louis, but I’m glad I was able to eat some gooey butter cake, see the arch and PEACE OUT! Sorry for those who love the city — It was just WAY too cold for my liking! I guess I need to bundle up for my Chicago adventures next week so I don’t say the same thing. ;) Ah!  Before I talk too much, I’ll let the photos below do the talking!! I’m excited to get back into my daily routines and prep for the 2018 year! I can tell this year is going to be the best year yet!!! Except… Let’s forget that I’m turning the big 3-0 this summer… AH!

Missouri Adventures

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of small airplanes, but I do love a good adventure! I guess other people don’t have the top desire to fly to Missouri either. ;) HAHA!

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

This place was HIGHLY recommended on FB and Google, and it did not disappoint! We knew we had to eat BBQ while visiting the mid-west. My family and I did “family style” which was an assortment of BBQed meats and side dishes. The BBQ chicken and macaroni and cheese was my favorite! :) Oh, and this was how cold it was outside — There was a line up of ice sculptures down the block. Who knows when they were made … Probably weeks ago because the FREEZING temps were unreal. ;)Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

See!!! Who would want to live in conditions as cold as this? Not me!! ;) Sorry for those who live and love Saint Louis!! My weather app said it was 4 degrees at 11 AM, but with the wind chill factored in, it was -10 degrees!!! AH! I should have brought my snow gear and dressed like a marshmallow! On the plus side, we found a cute coffee shop and hung out to try their famous gooey butter cake! DELICIOUS!!!Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

THENNNNN…. My sister, Amanda, and I found ways to play in front of the arch! Again, way too cold to really stand around and enjoy. I ran from and to the car because walking wasn’t an option. And of course, I cracked my brand new phone because I was a little too exuberant!Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, MissouriWe finally made it to the base and had the opportunity to walk around with Eric!! :) It was so great to see him!!! We checked out a local museum where they had a piece of the Berlin wall! So cool! If it weren’t for this photo of my parents and Eric, I would have forgotten we went to a museum because it seemed as though we just drank coffee and lounged around the entire day! ;) The following day was his GRADUATION!!! WAHOO!!! So proud of him!!!Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

Eric taught me “Parade Rest.” Although, I just like to call it “Blue Steel.” HA! ;) And, of course, we had to take a family portrait together!!! <3

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

Oh, yessss. I HAD to include this photo of my parents with Eric in this blog post!!! HAHA! I asked my mom and dad if they both wanted a picture with him, and what was my dad’s response? “Well, we both made him!” … Okay, true.

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

Well, I’m embarrassed to put this on my blog post, but we went to a place called “Uranus.” HAHAHA! It really was a hilarious, entertaining visit! They had the most delicious fudge — And even had a gun range? I just wanted to hashtag this place “#ONLYINMISSOURI.” My family and I were there for three hours hanging out and playing with different machinery. Super fun!!

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

I loved spending time with friends in Richmond this past weekend. <3

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

Naturally, I had to bring a little piece of Saint Louis back home, so I made my own gooey butter cake!! The only thing I advise is to not make it in a pie dish because the crust and “goo” really need to be spread out to create a bar styled coffee cake instead of a thick, dense pie. After visiting Richmond and sharing a little piece of Saint Louis, Alex and I visited his grandparents at their lake house — Super fun weekend!!!

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

Now I’m back to reality and trying not to get sick. :) :) :) Positive thoughts!!!

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

My sweet and thoughtful friend, Kate, surprised me with this book at my doorstep yesterday!!!! :) :) :) Such a great surprise and I’m already LOVING the devotionals!!! If you are looking for a daily devotional, I highly recommend this book. I really loved the message from January 16th. AMEN!

Weekend Recap | St. Louis, Missouri

This week is an exciting week filled with a lot of behind the scenes business work. :) I’m also trying to soak in as much quality time with Alex before he leaves for Africa for a month on Saturday!!! AH! I’m so grateful for him and his faith in God’s plan. :) I hope you all are having a safe and blessed week so far! Happy hump day!!!

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