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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Is the weekend really over? I have to admit that my body is aching right now as I type this (granted, it’s midnight after the wedding), and I wish the aches were from an intense workout! Haha! I had a beautiful Sunday wedding yesterday, but it kicked my butt because of the cold weather! Brrr … I’m cold just thinking about it! I ended up going straight home and I stood in a hot shower for at least ten minutes! No joke… I’m grateful for hot water and a roof over my head!!! As much as I could hibernate in my hot shower, I need to toughen up for the upcoming winter season!! Of course, though, the frozen body was worth it for the great day I had with Adam and Laura!! :)

I have to admit that this weekend wasn’t quite as eventful as the past few “Weekend Recaps.” As you know, this is the “busy season,” so I find myself having one day off a week, if that sometimes! Looking at my calendar now, my next day off won’t happen until October 21st. WHEW. I’m prepared for this season, and I’m stocking up on vitamins! Speaking of which, I was telling Julien that I feel as though our age is becoming more evident. We are taking so many vitamins each day, since cold/flu season is upon us, that we might have to buy one of those daily med holders… All I can think about are my grandparents. It has come to this as 30 is upon us. Lol! ;) Speaking of health… I told you how I have found myself struggling to go to the gym, well, I’m finding my groove again! I only missed one workout last week and it looks like I’ll be able to hit my goal this week. :) Consistently will show results!!! If you have been struggling with workout motivation, I encourage you to treat your body well and use it as a way to decompress from the nonstop craziness. Because my job involves a computer for endless hours, I run out to the gym as a way to take a breather and refocus. It works!!

Oh, and speakinggggg of 30! Someone special (ahem, Julien) is turning 30 this week!!! :) :) :) You’ll be seeing more about that on the blog next week!

As I was saying about the “busy season, I was able to take a half-day on Friday to enjoy some downtime with Julien and friends. We basked in the sunshine at Chrysalis Winery where we caught up on recent adventures. I’m officially a fan of their Rose, and the views are beautiful!!! :) If you haven’t been, you should go! Of course, we went to Julien’s Cafe in Middleburg for dinner (that’s a MUST too!)! Make a trip to the wine country and venture around, and you’ll see why I never want to leave the area!! :)

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