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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Whew! I’m feeling the full force of the fall wedding season! :) I came home from Joel and Jessica’s wedding Saturday night, and I was in a weird mix of super exhausted, but energized enough to work? I ended up cleaning my equipment, backing up photos, scheduling emails to go out Monday morning, planned my work week, wrote today’s blog post and so much more. Maybe I was delirious? But at least I started the week ahead! A win already, right? :)

This is one of my personal favorite posts because I get to show you a little of my inside world, as well as previews of what is to come this week! :) Another win I’m going to quickly highlight today is the fact that I beat my mile run record THREE times last week! I’m not sure what was going on, but my fastest mile prior to last week was 7:49. I went from 7:40 to 7:28 to 7:26 just last week! The funny part was the last, best run was an accidental personal record setter. I went from the mentality, “I’ll run half a mile because I did a good strength training day” to “I may as well run for five minutes” to “Oh, I’m almost to 3/4 of a mile, so I may as well do that” to “I guess I’m running the whole dang mile!” Lol! But do you want to know what got my blood flowing? Music! The song that really got my feet moving this past week was “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. YES!! Other than that, last week was slammed with sessions, a LOT of editing, blogging, meetings, typical computer work, and packaging. Julien and I managed to squeeze in a romantic picnic one night. He brought Petrus (his massive pup) with him to Dustin and Brooke’s Anniversary portraits, and we enjoyed the drive up there as well as a cute picnic during sunset. So much fun!!! I took a couple of quick photos before my lovely couple arrived. :)

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Weekend RecapWe were the only ones there to enjoy the spot, which was super relaxing. Although, we heard animal noises in the near distance, what seemed like a cub wandering around. Hmmm … I still don’t know, but at least we had Petrus with us! ;) By the time we finished our picnic on the side of the mountain, it was completely dark. The towns in the distance lit the ground below us, and the stars were shining brightly above! It was a beautiful sight you would see right out from a movie! Except, when we got back in the car, the battery was dead. Being the jokester Julien is, he tried playing it off like the battery was dead, not intending for it to be actually dead. FORTUNATELY, just as we discovered this, Julien was able to quickly flag down a random car driving down the lonely road. And fortunately, it was a blessing because they stopped and didn’t think we were some random creeps!! WHEW! The couple who stopped to help jumpstart the car was not only sweet for helping us, but it was nice talking to complete strangers. That might sound weird, but I’m starting to realize more and more how important it is to meet, listen, and encourage others! Everyone has a story to be told, and you never know how that person might bring light into your life, as you hope to do the same for someone else. :) Thank you to that sweet couple last week who helped us get off the mountain! Haha!

Weekend RecapAlso, I just adore how selfless Julien is — He had a stressful week last week, as did I, but he took time out of his crazy schedule one night to surprise me with roses and a homemade dinner after a session. :) The flowers make me smile every time thinking about how considerate of a man he is. Very blessed. <3

Weekend Recap

Speaking of selfless gestures, I HAVE to share this sweet photo below (left)!! You remember the blog post about Jennifer and her ADORABLEEEEE family portraits last week? Her little girl, Isla, jumped out of the car and immediately handed me this cute butterfly. She made it for me, and I thought it was so special for her to think of me earlier that day to do that! :) I made sure to keep the butterfly on my car windshield the remainder of the week to brighten my day every time I got in the car! So sweet I had to share!! On Friday night, friends, Julien and I went out to see Keller Williams in concert. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the singer, but if you have heard of him, my uncle is “half the band” (as one of Julien’s friends put it)! I love seeing him in action, and I’m so glad Keller and my uncle Lou were in town, so we had an opportunity to get together! Great way to kick off the weekend!

Weekend RecapThe remainder of the weekend was celebrated with Brandon and Sam’s baby shower (Wooo!!!) and the Redskins winning!!! Another great weekend for the books, but sooooo much to do these next few days! Let’s have a productive work week! Thanks for reading this far!!! Haha!

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Weekend Recap

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