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Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, everyone! You know, I love hearing people talk about the “Weekend Recap” updates! I was chatting with my best friend yesterday, and she mentioned that itis good to see that I’m a down to earth girl. Of course, when you check out my Instagram profile, you see a beautiful “picture-perfect” portfolio. Through these personal posts, I can share personal updates and stories, the pretty and the not so pretty!

A couple of updates:
* Pixie moved in with Petrus (Juliens’ dog) — More of THAT on the blog soon! LOL! Oh goodness…
* I’m obsessed with Starbuck’s Pumpkin Chai Tea Lattes! If you like pumpkin and like chai tea, you will LOVE this drink!
* I caved yesterday after church and ran into Target, excited for the fall season! Never a good idea. It’s like going to the grocery store while you’re hungry.
* I’m considering seeing the new version of “IT” — Bad idea for someone who doesn’t like scary movies? We will find out! ;)
* I beat my fastest mile run — 7:40!! Making progress and getting back into the groove of a great workout routine!

This past weekend, I had the great privilege of photographing Chris and Lindsay’s Trump Winery wedding! Gosh, my heart continues to expand this year, full of gratitude and love for my couples!! It’s truly a humbling experience. Even after 100+ weddings, I never get enough of my job! Especially when I have the chance to meet parents and grandparents who have been married for 30+ years, and hear their stories. :)

During Chris and Lindsay’s wedding, I had the chance to work with some amazing vendors, including Josh Gooden and Sarena! If you haven’t checked out their incredible cinematology work, check it out HERE! :) They work so fluidly and love to work as a team with photographers, which is something I admire in a GOOD videographer team! Yesterday, I took the day off to spend time with my BFF and her family and boyfriend. Liz and I have known each other for more years than I can count — Since 2nd/3rd grade? It was great to kick back my feet, enjoy some wine and catch up about life. :) Speaking of school, I totally forgot that my 10-year high school reunion was this past weekend. CRAZY. Did anyone go to their own 10-year reunion? Weird to think that so much time had passed. But there’s so much to look forward to in the future!! :) Oh, and lastly, #HTTR!!!!

Weekend Recap

What’s to come on the blog this week?

Baer Family | Sky Meadows Park

Weekend Recap

Chris and Lindsay | Trump Winery

Weekend RecapMore to come this week on the blog!!!

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  • Taylor

    Do not go see It. I did last night and it was terrifying!!!!

  • Lol! Oh gosh!!!! I was considering watching it at an outdoor movie theater so the noise isn’t so “in your face!” But this makes me hesitant hearing your opinion!

  • Amanda

    Helen told me they have hired a person to dress up in a clown outfit at drive in theaters to scare people while watching the movie….DONT DO IT!!