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2017 Chincoteague Family Vacation

Chincoteague, Virginia Vacation

My soul feels so refreshed coming back from a relaxing and pleasurable family vacation on Chincoteague Island. My parents deserved to get away for a little bit and unwind! Exactly the intention of the trip, especially since they just celebrated 31-years this month!!! :) :) :)

I’ve been to Chincoteague many times so last year, I decided my family needed to experience one of the prettiest Virginia beaches! After not seeing a single sunset during last years’ family vacation, my mom hoped for the next occasion to be more positive after some other unfortunate circumstances. Fortunately, we had BEAUTIFUL sunsets every single evening with great company, food, and drinks! The rental house had spectacular views, so we were able to enjoy the outdoor living without any mosquitos! This is a miracle considering they usually demolish me every year.

Here are some of my favorite moments from our 2017 Chincoteague trip!!! :)

The trip started out with just my mom, sister, Julien and me! There was an intense storm the first night, but we made it into Don’s Seafood restaurant just in time to enjoy a delicious meal together! And as soon as the rain cleared up, the sun came out for the first sunset of the week (PC: Amanda)!
Chincoteague, Virginia Vacation

We had a lot of wine that night… Lol! But we enjoyed a game of “Smart Ass” until 1 a.m.! So many funny memories!! Sorry, mom, for the unfortunate timing of this photo on the right! A little side story for you all — We told my mom that if someone couldn’t answer a card, she had to drink. Haha! Poor, mom! I promised she’s not passed out in this photo. ;) And before we went out to dinner, we enjoyed a glass of coconut rum … Yummm!

Chincoteague, Virginia Vacation

I’m not sure how I convinced Julien to get up just 4 hours after we went to bed, but we got up at 5:15 a.m. to watch the sunrise on the beach! :) He admitted that despite how early we had to get up, it was worth the memories!

Chincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia Vacation
Chincoteague, Virginia Vacation

My sister had to leave the second day of our vacation, but my Dad and brother came up to enjoy the rest of the week. We had a beautiful day at the beach and the best dinner at Ropewalk! Perfect outdoor dining atmosphere and one epic sunset! Oh, and I tried an oyster shooter for the first time … SO GOOD!

Chincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia VacationSorry, Eric! I had to. ;) LOLOL!Chincoteague, Virginia Vacation

Day three was entirely dedicated to the beach! Julien got me so far out in the water, which was a big deal considering I’m scared of open water! Fortunately, I was able to piggyback to the sand bar! #tallboyfriendpros Haha! But really, he helped me get over my fear a little bit. ;)

Chincoteague, Virginia Vacation

After day three, my brother and I decided that we could run 2+ miles to the Main Street Coffee shop every morning. We didn’t run together every morning, sometimes separate, but we pushed each other! Plus, running is SO much better when there’s something at the end … Like a chai tea latte! Yummm!

We basked in the sunshine at the beach and later enjoyed a boat ride around the island one evening, which was a new thing for me after all of these years! We got to see the wild ponies up close — SO cute!!!

Chincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia Vacation

Some of the evenings, I cooked for my family and actually impressed them with my skills! ;) It was my first time cooking salmon and shrimp scampi, and I think they have hope for my future now. HAHA! They were worried when I was younger… I won’t go into those embarrassing stories. ;) Anyways, here are some other random photos from the week!

Chincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia VacationChincoteague, Virginia VacationThis rental house was so perfect for sunset watching! <3

The last night at the house, we had a CRAZY storm that you saw on the blog the other day! But my mom and I enjoyed a night to us and went out for ice cream after I finished a session. :) Perfect ending to the trip! (First two photos below PC: Mom)

Chincoteague, Virginia Vacation

I’m so glad my family and I were able to take some time off and create memories together. It was great from start to finish and cannot wait to plan another beach trip for next year!

Chincoteague, Virginia Vacation

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