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Advent Countdown Frame

The Christmas season has to be my favorite from year to year! I love decorating and the activities during this festive time. :) I was spending some time with my mom making Christmas gifts for my 2014 couples when she told me that she was reminded of me when she saw a blog post by “One Good Thing by Jillee“. She featured a Countdown to Christmas idea with activities ranging from service to family time (LIST HERE with free printable). I had something else planned for my blogging calendar today, but I was reminded of this project and decided to take this morning to create my own Advent Countdown! I had this random frame that I purchased from a local thrift store on hand, fortunately. I took some paper (wrapping paper can make do too) and covered the backside of the frame for the backdrop. I found this advent countdown design on Simple as That Blog ready to print and cut out! This was perfect for a quick project! I took the list of the day-to-day activities/services and decided which ones I wanted to focus on this month and then designed it to print on the backside of the cards. If you don’t have the resources to do this, I would advise to just write it on the backside because who really sees that anyways except for you! After I cut everything out I just taped the top part of the card to the backdrop. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have red tape but I wanted that touch of color. Instead, I cut up red paper and double stick taped it to the card/backdrop so it appeared as red tape. :) Just a little trick at the last minute!

Here’s the turn out of my Advent Countdown frame! :)


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