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The Deed | A Haiti Mission Trip

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“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”

How some kids get to work … we counted easily over 25 kids piled in the back of the truck coming into school!

Food Distribution Day!!! People started lining up as we prepared the bags.

Gosh, that guy does not look very happy… Lol!

Second town we visited to distribute food!

The woman was on her hands and knees praying in Creole … It did not appear that she had a ticket for food. But Pere Bruno saw the goodness of her heart and gave her a bag of food :) What a moment this was!!! She was so thankful :)

We then moved on to the third location for food distribution…

And then we made our last stop of the day at a church. We ran out of food … but by miracles, we somehow ended up with 135 extra bags back at the school! So we waited in the church for the shipment of food.

These Toms have seen better days… Lol!

Came back to our village where these cutie pies were calling our names to come play with them… of COURSE we did and of course they wanted their photo taken :)

Well… this kid didn’t seem so enthusiastic about a photo. Lol!

Most goats running around had these harnesses to block them from coming through home doorways. Lol!

TISON AND LULU!!!! Some of my favorite boys!

Our last full day in Haiti! Pere Bruno surprised us by telling us to enjoy the beautiful parts of Haiti and go to the beach!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!

In the meantime … we looked into the kitchen to find out what we were having for dinner… lolololol!

Before taking off to the beach for the day … I knew I came with a mission to help. And if I were to help even just one person, I would feel like I completed my personal mission. So I decided to do a sponsorship! :)

For $25 a month, I am helping a kid in need … And that kid is Samira <3 She is a first year preschooler and needed a sponsor to ensure she would grow up to be healthy and educated! For the little $25 a month I send to her … she is provided one meal a day (often times their only meal!!!), education, health care (ensuring all of their vaccinations), a back pack and uniform! That is like 2 movie tickets!!!! So little can go a long way :) It is SUCH a wonderful feeling to know that she is going to be taken care of!!! And the best part is that I know the money is going to where it needs to go because it is the same organization I traveled :)

Meet my little sponsored girl, Samira :)

All three of us walked away with a sponsored child :)

After everything was all set back in the village, we hit the road for the BEACH!!!! WOHOO!

This was pretty significant news … the first stop light we have seen being put up!!!! Great progress … even during the time we were there! We got to see it in production and in the works … people still have to get used to the idea of stopping when it is red though. lol!

Cap-Haiten desperately NEEDS a good clean up system!!!! You will only see what I mean as you continue to scroll through the images…

It is incredible to see how these women can balance SO much on their head!!!

Then it was time to travel up and over the mountain…

GORGEOUS view of Cap-Haiten!!!!

BEACHHHHHH!!!!! Wow, such a different world!

After much fun soaking up the sun … and getting burnt … we headed back home before the sunset.

Need a manicure? Mama Service has you covered! Lol!

Wish I have this photo in ACTION! I mean, he was in action but you should see them when they have a huge cart of supplies!!!!


We went back to the village for an early night as we had to get up at 5 a.m. for our departure … Fortunately, we got to see this beautiful sunrise on our way out of Haiti!!! :)

I am absolutely 100% ready to go back to Haiti!!! I feel like there is SO much I want to do and I know that God has placed this desire in my heart for a reason! I do have a different kind of a mission the next time I visit though. And I have to admit that it is a little scary and challenging, but I want to know what the typical day struggles are and I will not know unless I live with a Haitian in their own house for one day and one night. This is my hope for my next travel :)

This Thursday, I will be sharing my favorite moments and photos with you as well as what I am carrying away from this experience! God Bless!!!
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