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Who’s excited for FALL?!?!? What a weekend!!! Even though I didn’t have a wedding to photograph, my weekend was busy attending a wedding as a guest (where I even had the opportunity to dress up in a sari <= SO much fun), enjoy a bachelorette party at the Bobby McKey’s Dueling Piano Bar (that place is […]

It has almost been a year ago since I photographed Nathan and Jaricia’s wedding day. :) Their celebration was filled with incredible handmade details ranging from metal to wood work. Everyone came together to make their special day a day to never forget! Fortunately, they were able to have their outdoor ceremony despite the rain. […]

  • Jaricia Heddings - What beautiful photos!!! Thank you Stephanie!

  • Deborah Powell - The photos are great!
    I would love to order some photos please.

This rainy morning has me feeling so at ease. Everyone in Northern VA knows that we are dealing with a drought so rain is a GOOD thing! Although, I’m ready to get back into my pjs, get cozy on the couch and read a book … I wish! ;) I finished cleaning my equipment from Saturday’s […]