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RAIN. RAIN. GO. AWAY. This is the theme song to this spring season, yeah? Although, I’m glad it hasn’t been drenching rain where we have to worry about flooding. There is relief in that thought!!! Just thinking that this consistent rain has been nourishing the plants and trees. Better than a drought! The only thing […]

YES! I had a weekend off! Actually, I have next weekend off as well which is a little unusual being that it’s May. Compared to last year, I had EIGHT weddings in May (whew!) where this May I only have two weddings booked. I definitely don’t mind because my summer/fall wedding schedule picks up but […]

With summer just around the corner (oh PLEASE sunshine!!!), I thought I would share some summer outfit inspiration! Especially if you have an upcoming session, this might help if you’re freaking out over what to wear! During the summer months there really isn’t so much “layering” for photos unless we are blessed with a 70 degree […]

Thinking about how long I have known Casey … Goodness, it goes back to our childhood years! We rode the bus together since she lived around the corner from my parents. To say the least, it has been forever! Now that I live just around the corner from my parents, the drive to Casey’s house was […]

  • Donna Iames - You did a fantastic job Stephanie, The pictures are absolutely Beautiful. You didn’t stop all night long. Thank you for capturing Bobby’s and Casey’s magical moments. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Cyndi Messick - What a beautiful wedding! The photos are wonderful, and they look like such a happy couple. Congratulations to all!

  • Stephanie Messick - Thank you so much!!! It was such a fun party and I’m honored to have documented these moments for you all! It was so great meeting you!!! :)